Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've been terribly busy with school and work lately, I've barely had any chance to keep up with the Mets. Anyway, while surfing the web, I found this blurb at NYFS:
Aarom Baldiris reported today, married, in great shape looking like he lost 20 lbs or so, and confirming to NYFS that he will be playing both second and third base this year, before being worked primarily at second base during today's drills.
Wow. Great news. Baldiris has long been a favorite of mine. He has excellent plate discipline, and plays outstanding defense. While certainly the lack of power is a strike against him, a 21 year old 2nd baseman with a career 383 OBP in AA is a pretty valuable commodity. The question is, can he make the transition? JJ Cooper seems to think so:
Baldiris is a very good defensive 3B, and some scouts have said they believe he could make the transition with little problem. For now, he's a 3B, and he may develop the power to be a solid 3B, but he's good enough defensively with solid range and body control, to probably make the move to 2B in the future if that will help his development.


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