Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Last time, I talked a little bit about Dae Sung Koo and how he might turn out to be a very underrated acquisition. The biggest reason I liked the signing were the glowing scouting reports about his ability to get left-handers out:

The reason why [teams are] interested in Koo is his unique pitching form and the nasty stuff that makes the ball very difficult for left-handed batters to hit. He hides the ball behind the glove until he starts a pitch, even after the wind-up, making it extremely difficult for left-handed hitters to beat.
Koo's stats didn't justify the hype, of course, but like I mentioned, most of them were compiled as a starter and thus not really relevant when discussing his ability to get left-handers out. Well, lucky for us Matt found out his L/R splits on a discussion.

236/284/339/624 94 hits 10 HR 96/25 K/BB 398 ABs vrs LHB
256/339/458/797 264 hits 50 HR 269/117 K/BB 1032 ABs vrs RHB

With numbers like this, Koo certainly projects to be one of the best, if not the best, option against the likes of Jim Thome and Carlos Delgado the Mets have in their bullpen this upcoming season. Combine him with a ROOGY like Scott Strickland, and I think the Mets' pen isn't looking as bad as people make it out to be.


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